To view a training video on how to manage your Connections, click here.

If you received a connection request, and signed up for an account with the email address that the request was sent to, then the connection request would automatically appear in the Connections menu, under "Received."

If you do not see the connection request, it could be because the email address used to send the connection request, was different than the email address that was used to sign up. 

In order to link your email addresses, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account:
  2. Click on the Settings icon, in the upper right hand side
  3. Under "Account Settings," select "Additional Emails"
  4. Add an additional email (the email address that the connection request was sent to)

Once you've added an additional email address, a confirmation will be sent to this email address. Just click on the link in the confirmation, and your connection request will be pulled into your account, and you can view and accept it by clicking "Connections."

If you're still having difficulties with this, please let us know: