You will be able to add all of your rates and policies in a contract template. You will only need to add this information once, and can issue this template to any of your partners. 

From Rates & Contracts > Template List:


2. Complete the required information, click "CREATE"

3. Complete the information in the contract template. 

Note: If you've created multiple contract templates in the step above, you will need to click on your template to open it

a. Complete the "Contract Details" which contain your policies. 

b. Click on the product/ room type from the left hand side to add your rates, allocation, and other important information.

c. Once you're added your policies and rates, click on "CHECK YOUR PROGRESS" at the bottom of the template and we'll run a system check to ensure that you've added all the information needed for your partners to sell your products.

4. Once you've added all the required information, your contract will be ready to be sent to your partners.

You can also view our guide on how to send a contract.


Any questions? Contract Trinh, our Customer Experience Manager at or +61 490 423 927.